S.arama Company 2000 Ltd. was founded in 1995 by Mr. Samuel Arama and is engaged in the import and marketing of packaging.
The company is the exclusive representative of the company "CELLOFIX European", considered one of the leading companies in the world market in the production of adhesive films with acrylic adhesive technology, which ensures a quality product very strong adhesion and durability for a long time.
In addition, the company imports S.armh nylon stretch wrapping pallets both for manual and automatic machines, and manual machines, made by SIAT Italy assist efficient and convenient to use duct tape and plastic wrap staretz.
Our products meet the rigorous standards of ISO Standard 9001: 2000 which guarantees their high quality.
There is a department in our company which we printed pattern on very high quality adhesive tapes of various types such as, polypropylene and PVC maskingtape when the printing process is performed under strict quality control procedures greatly. Printing is done with emphasis on striking logo design and color quality to provide our customers with branded packaging film that will showcase the best of his business.
Our company places great emphasis on customer requirements and is committed to providing its products at the lower prices on the market, the highest quality, and hence the maximum speed is always worried about the full satisfaction of its customers.
The company is constantly constant growth and its clients include the majority of companies in the economy, from a variety of different industries, and everyone we provide personal service, warm and special attention.