Double-sided adhesive tapes have a very high adhesion strength and easily removable from the surface it taped. These films coated on both sides with adhesive, rubber products and off-white or yellow paper. in our compamy There are Double-sided tapes in various types: on base of transparent acrylic, acrylic cloth, sponge, tissue and paper. All of them are resistant to harsh conditions and  for a long time. Bilateral adhesive tapes are suitable for repair carpets, gluing wide surfaces, strong local carpets and temporary repairs.

Double-sided sponges: double sided adhesive tape which in one side have a flexible sponge. This item is mainly  recommended for gluing mirrors and gluing uneven areas. It's resistant to UV radiation and relief of sound and vibration.

Reaches in thickness of 1 mm and in any desired width..


דבק דו צדדי (Large).JPG