Masking tape made ​​from paper with high adhesion strength and released easily from the surface of the adhesive as needed. Maskingtape particularly suitable for painting (to cover areas that need to be painted) , to paste the parts and for sealing. Maskingtape are  resistant to high heat temperatures and therefore very suitable for industrial painting and oven painting. This Product Extremely suitable for vehicles and field construction and for maintenance .You can purchase 

a variety of sizes 

Aluminum films :

Aluminum tape is easy to use , waterproof , moisture and vapor barrier. It has mechanical strength and excellent adhesion to all surfaces immediately, with easy application on uneven surfaces . Aluminum tapes are suitable for sealing air and sewage systems.  Comes in a standard aluminum color .

Aluminum film remains efficient insulation against fire, moisture and dust .

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bubble wrap:Rolls of bubble wrap are sheets of flexible plastic containing air bubbles inside pad designed to delicate objects and helps to protect them . Rolls of bubble wrap provide maximum protection for delicate and fragile objects.

You can purchase bubble wrap in different sizes of half a meter and a meter . The length of each roll is 75 meters . Comes in a transparent color . 


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